Thursday, December 6, 2007

Where's the Funny?

I ran across a column called The Script Shredder 9000.
In this age of fast food info we realize you're busy. Sometimes too busy to even see a movie. So we've taken recent films released and distilled them into an easy to read quick script. So, without further ado, iF is proud to welcome back the 9th Wonder of the World back to our Web site -- SCRIPTSHREDDER 9000 - Version 2.0
The idea is funny, there is the lingering promise of funny in the writing. But it is not actually funny. I dug a little deeper and it got less funny. Things like this kill me. I was expecting a chocolate sundae of funny and I got a rice cake. It leaves me hungry, grumpy, and ready to kill for a bottle of chocolate syrup. I wasn't expecting something that would make the maraschino cherry come out my nose, just something... funny.

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