Sunday, December 23, 2007

Two Goofs in a Window

It is almost impossible to get a good picture of our youngest dog Herger the Joyous (the one on the left, nose pressed to the screen). He is incredibly shy and timid, finding all electronics scary beyond measure. As you can see here, though, he is easily distracted by an open window.

We've been talking about Herger's lineage lately. We had assumed when we adopted him that he was some sort of Norwegian Elkhound mix. But we have always wondered if he actually has some wolf or coyote in there somewhere. After reading The Daily Coyote, and seeing all of the pictures, I began to wonder more seriously about a coyote connection. As well as being shy Herger is also brilliant, touchy, and has incredible focus. And he sits goofy, just like Charlie (pose 1, pose 2).

Oh, and that fluffy 100+ lbs. goof behind him is our shepherd/ collie mix Gitta. You saw her puppy picture back in 2005 on the Thoughts (that picture actually dates to 2002).

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