Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Lullabye of Helms Deep

TNT is showing Two Towers tonight.

If you've ever been by the blog I don't need to explain to you that we are HUGE geeks. The movie started on 12/18/2002, a Wednesday, and our movie house started with a 12:05 am show. We caught that one, slept a couple of hours, went to work, and then hit two more showings - technically seeing it three times on opening day. (And then went to work again on Thursday.) Yes, I know it is a three hour movie. No, I'm not kidding or miscounting. Nine hours of movie, plus time in line, etc., etc.

I remember dozing through the Battle of Helms Deep on the third showing. I never sleep through movies so it was very surreal to me. As a consequence of that insanity whenever I hear the Battle of Helms Deep scenes now I get sleepy.

Yes, the pinnacle of battle coolness in LOTR makes me stifle a yawn and consider taking a nap. No matter what time of day it is.

I learned my lesson. And asked for time off when Return of the King opened. What, wait for the weekend to see it? You've got to be joking.

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