Monday, March 22, 2010

TJ on Twitter

Thos_Jefferson: No, I dare say he's not. RT @TylerFlorence Sure its great to have the government so involved in my life . Thomas Jefferson is weeping today.
Thos_Jefferson: Fake Thomas Jefferson quotes are filling up the Twitterverse today. Check those about which you're unsure at
CmdrSue: @Thos_Jefferson you tell him, TJ! Need me to bite any of them? (Yes, I am your lapdog.)
Thos_Jefferson: @cmdrsue I prefer to consider you, my friend, not as a lapdog but a fellow warrior in the twilight struggle to defend the spirit of '76.
Thos_Jefferson: @cmdrsue That being said, the answer is yes. And you can start by taking a snap @glennbeck. 

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