Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random Table: Apology

There is someone I need to apologize to who also happens to be a bit of a D&D geek like myself, so I thought, "Hey! I wonder if there is a random apology table?" Unfortunately, no. So, I will just have to build my own. (Or if it is out there on the World Wide Web it is buried deep enough that I'm not digging for it.)

Fortunately there are some great online resources like Perfect Apology and their page Ways to Say Sorry, iApologize, and the Bureau of Communications. Now, I just put it into a random table...

01 Buy a Star
02-05 Flowers
06-10 Gift Basket
11-15 Candy
16-22 Stuffed Animal
23-30 Official Notice of Apology (form A-001)
31-35 Poetry
36-39 Quotes
40-49 Music
50-65 e-Card
66-88 Cartoon
89-94 Message in a Bottle
95-99 Quirky apology kitsch
100 YourCover Personalized Magazine Covers

If you need some virtual dice, Wizard has you covered.

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