Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Paper Game

I'm probably showing my age by admitting that the most fun I've had of late is playing some D&D last Sunday. We went totally old school and just used notebook paper, a set of dice, and our memories. No laptop with CoreRules 2.0 Expanded, not even a Players Handbook. It was the first rogue I've played in... probably 20 years? (I tried to play an assassin once and TOTALLY SUCKED AT IT. I'm so "not evil" it's not even funny. Well, actually it is funny. But that's a long story and we'll get into it some other time.)

This guy (yes, guy) is a rogue in the smooth-talking, just trying to get by sort of way. His twin sister is more the trouble maker. He learned a few of his roguish skills in his unending quest to protect his uncontrollable (an unfortunately gorgeous) sister. All he really wants to do is work on his beer brewing and find some way to NOT take over the family inn, the Sign of the Lucky Pony, even though he's the oldest child.


  1. Evil Spock always liked Clerics, and Evil Spock tried to be lawful good.

    That's weird coming from an evil Vulcan . . .

  2. Clerics are my thing, so every now and then I try to break out of my habits. (Oooo, accidental bad pun.) Once I just did it by playing the cleric no one expected me to. I noticed that all of the healing spells were necromantic and it got me thinking - I'll play a necromantic cleric. Although a happy-go lucky and playful girl, I played with all of the dead things and had a dream of one day having an undead army. When one of our party complained that my animated dead bugbear was starting to smell I made him walk at the back of the party and start stripping off his own flesh. They stopped asking me anything after that...

  3. My memories of my brother playing D & D with his nerdy friends still haunt me. It is not like I wasn't nerdy, just different nerdy. I have shivers right now.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and providing a link, I have reciprocated the deed.

    See you round the bloggasphere.

    Phil Proteau

  4. I'm not familiar with game.