Tuesday, February 21, 2006


"Evil Democrat Empire? I got news for you, if we're going to do the Star Wars analogy, the Democrats are, at best, Ewoks." --Jon Stewart, on a Republican spoof video comparing Democrats to the evil Empire in Star Wars


  1. *sigh* I can do without the easy "Democrats are pussies" jokes, I understand that Stewart likes to "balance" out the jokes on occasion, but come on, CHENEY SHOT SOMEONE IN THE FACE!

  2. Dude, did you pay no effing attention to your Star Wars plots? The Ewoks were essential in the downfall of the Empire. Using only their wits and the tools at hand these adorable, honorable creatures were the lynchpin in defeating the Emperor. Since I'm not a Luke, Leia or Han (or even an R2-D2 or C3PO) I'm perfectly happy to join the ranks of clever, furry, partying rebels.

  3. Fuck the Ewoks. I was rooting for the Empire, despite their oppression of the innocent and hatred for justice...