Sunday, February 12, 2006

Colbert Fan Fiction II

Stephen's Character in our AD&D Game, Part 2
Colbert fanfiction by CmdrSue (category 1)
Continued from Part 1

We played D&D this weekend and Stephen literally phoned in his character. Teleconferencing can be such a great thing, it let us game three weeks before we thought we would! I would explain the whole game to you, but I know the only part you want to hear about is, "What did Colbert do?" Ok, so, like he convinced the DM that his Shillelagh should be a paladin holy weapon. So his quarterstaff is a +5 Holy Avenger, and he can cast the druid spell shillelagh on it, getting an additional +1. Oh, the things you can get away with when you play into the DM's environmental justice fantasies.

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