Monday, February 6, 2006

Colbert Fan Fiction

I figure that Colbert Fan Fiction could fall into three categories.
  1. Meeting Stephen
  2. Having Stephen cover news from your local area
  3. Naughty
On my blog we will only be covering the first two categories. (Sorry Stephen. If I hear about anything naughty with tall women carrying heavy things, I'll be sure to point it out.)

Stephen's Character in our AD&D Game
Colbert fanfiction by CmdrSue (category 1)

Last weekend was awesome because Stephen finally got some time off to play in our new AD&D game! We started at first level and he's playing a elven paladin/druid. You should have heard the explanation about how that happened! There was a lot of rules mongering about whether or not it's possible and we dragged out the old Dragon magazines but ultimately the DM allowed it. I mean, come on, it's Stephen! He's hoping to get some time next month to continue the game and I'm holding his character sheet hostage until he gets back.

Meanwhile, he's still working with us on the Celebrity D&D for Charity game. Thanks Stephen!

I'll keep you updated on how our game goes!


  1. He can cover news in MY area ANYtime.

    Yes, I was kidding. Please, please know that I was kidding.