Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Caffeinated With a Keyboard

I drank tons of coffee to get through the day. Now I'm wondering how I'll get through the night...

Via On the Fritz I ran across Ramblings of Silver Blue who has a cool little Tuesday Questions meme. The January 24th post tickled me because I just have to answer question #2.

The Tuesday Ten™

This time it’s all about the food, baby!

1. What’s your favourite type of salad dressing? Tough choice. I like variety. Blue cheese, ranch, french, and honey mustard all make my short list.

2. Cheese, Ketchup, mayo, mustard, malt vinegar or what on your order of Fries? When given the chance I dip my fries in MILKSHAKE! Yes, really. Vanilla or chocolate milkshake.

3. What tops your hot dogs? Depends. I go from naked to everything (including chili and cheese) depending on my mood.

4. How about your hamburgers? Depends. A favorite combo is mushrooms, swiss cheese and mayo. Or there is always lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and french-fried potatoes...

5. Describe the ideal toppings for your favourite pizza. Something someone else orders so that it's a surprise. Hopefully multiple toppings. Of course I married a pepperoni guy. On a wild day he'll add banana peppers. Sometime he'll go for just cheese. Ooooo, the excitement...

6. A1, Heinz 57, Worcestershire Sauce or what for your steak? Whatever you have would be fine. Our favorite restaurant for steak serves "Monkey Sauce." Don't worry, no monkeys are harmed in the creation of the steak sauce.

7. Gravy or Cheese on/in your mashed potatoes? Mostly cheese, but sometimes gravy. Anything with potatoes is a good idea. Yum.

8. Cubed ice, crushed ice, or no ice in your beverage? Usually cubed. Depends...

9. Do you prefer to drink out of plastic or glass, with or without a straw? Plastic vs. glass depends on when/where I'm drinking. Oddly enough, can't seem to drink a soda in a restaurant without a straw but never use one when I'm at home. I find this very strange...

10. Ask me something. Can I steal your "Caffeinated With a Keyboard" graphic?


  1. Fries and mayo, coffee, coffee, coffee.

  2. Question number three sounds like a pick up line:

    "Hey, baby, what tops your hot dogs?"

    And, since you said, "I go from naked to everything..." it makes the answer that much more humorous.

    No, I am not a gutter brain. I have my brain is as pure as the driven snow!