Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Question of the Moment
What is your favorite irritation?

When I was in Florida I saw a bumper sticker that almost literally had me rolling on the floor laughing. "Marriage is finding the one person you want to spend the rest of your life driving crazy."

Ain't it just.

One of the ways that my husband and I are predetermined to clash is listening to music. Not just what music to listen to (he calls two of "my" bands Depressed Mode and the CommieNerds), but how to listen to it. I like surprise. Given a choice between listening to one favorite album or the radio I will usually pick the radio. If I have a multiple CD pack I will set it to random. Contrariwise, my husband likes to listen to his favorite album or song over and over and over and over...and over...and over... This showed up early in our relationship when we were out driving around all the time in his car (we were both teenagers). He had a tape of the Footloose soundtrack. I think that the tape was finally removed based on major threats and the use of my deadly sonic scream.

Because of that experience I hate Footloose for years.

And years.

And years.

We would laugh about how much I hated that album.

Then a funny thing happened. We got old and they started playing the title song every now and then as a Way-Back-Flashback on the radio. Usually I'm in the car alone when it comes on. I dial up my husband on the cellphone, crank the volume, and yell, "CAN YOU HEAR WHAT THEY'RE PLAYING IN MY CAR???" I still kind of hate the song, as much as you can hate any song that defines part of your adolescence, but I love the way it makes me feel.

It's important that I remember the outcome because last week my husband called me at work and said, rather urgently, "Can you pick up the Troy soundtrack on the way home? I realized that I'm watching the movie over and over for the music." Silly old me, I picked it up at Best Buy and brought it right home. And he proceeded to play the Groban track over, and over, and over, and over...and over...and over... I sat over here at my computer gnashing my teeth and reminding myself, "One day this will be a funny story, one day this will be a funny story, one day..."

So, how about you? Is there anything a parent, child, brother, sister, husband, wife, or significant other has done that drove you batty at the time but you now look upon with affection because it helps to define who they are to you and what you are together? What is your favorite irritation?


  1. For the little frogette and I, we base our relationship on a very firm and solid principle: What have you done for me lately?

    Where we really differ is on movies. She's in her Bollywood phase (anything with the word "dil" in the title, where there's lots of dancing, and where everybody gets married in the end). Me...classic films from the 70's. Network, Serpico, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Thank god for Netflix.

  2. You're reminding me of my friend with the obsession for the five love languages because her #1 thing is Acts of Service, aka What have you done for me lately? It's convenient when you have the same preference, though, because you just do/get something you would want yourself and everyone is happy.

  3. My dad & I used to sit up on a friday night and watch the musicals with Bill Collins. I had to go to bed by 8 o'clock tho. Dad used to fall asleep by 7.45 - so I would watch the whole movie - get in my pj's rumple my hair & come out and wake him up. For years I had to pretend I had never seen the end of all these movies.

    He still teases me about it today - cause he does the same thing with my kids (except they are watching it on dvd).

  4. I have a soft spot for Bond movies, though I don't particularly like them. Similar experience to bluebolt's here: I had a strict 8:30 bedtime, except when there was a Bond movie on TV. My dad liked them and my mom didn't - so Dad set me up as the tie-breaking viewer! I'd sit up with him through these lame movies, pretending to be interested, just so I could stay up late. Good memories of my dad, though.

  5. Oh, I thought of another one. I HATED Dan Fogelberg in high school (1981), especially 'Another Auld Lang Syne'. But now that song has powerful nostalgic associations for me - I always listen to it when it comes on. But don't tell my husband or he'll buy the damn CD just to torment me.

  6. My bedtime was 9pm. Until my parents lost interest in that whole "parenting thing" when I was about twelve. Then I started doing whatever I wanted to.

    Meanwhile, I'm watching a Bond film right now - but I do like them. :) I'm not even sure if my Dad does. He's a sci-fi man.

    I also like this topic because it's bringin' out the sweet in people. It's good to know that irritation can mellow into something...else. If only we could foresee that when we are actually being driven up the wall.