Saturday, January 7, 2006

Leaving a Light On

Life takes weird paths. Tonight I twisted and turned through many writing blogs, breezed through Whedonesque long enough to hear Joss accuse Nathan Fillion of smelling like turnips, and somehow ended up on Tom Bodett's blog while looking up the pet policies for Motel 6. He just started in mid-December but I have to say that I can hear his "voice" through his writing. He seems wry and sweet and homey, just like his vocal work. I figure anyone who can make me tear up and laugh out loud within his first three posts deserves a link and some quoting.
On 2005
That's life. Like a story. Like a road. Like a year -- it ends. My intention for 2006 is to live life like I know it ends. I waste too much time. I don't show the people I love that I love them often enough. I keep thinking there will be a better time to do the things I've always wanted to do than right now. There won't be.
On Motel 6 Podcasts
Motel 6 has just released for the holidays the Top 6 reasons to stay at a motel over the holidays instead of with your family. I'm sure you can probably think of about 29 reasons of your own without taking a breath, but would they have pleasing background music packed into a tidy little downloadable MP3 package?

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