Monday, January 30, 2006

Is This The Left Hand Or The Right Hand?

Exxon Mobil Corp. posted record profits for any U.S. company on Monday — $10.71 billion for the fourth quarter and $36.13 billion for the year...Exxon's profit for the year was also the largest annual reported net income in U.S. history, according to Howard Silverblatt, a senior index analyst for Standard & Poor's. He said the previous high was Exxon's $25.3 billion profit in 2004. - STEVE QUINN, AP Business Writer
Here's the funny thing. I'm what you might call a business liberal. I'm all for running a business well and making money. But I have two standards that I doubt Exxon's business practices would meet.
  1. Your business must do as little harm as possible while doing business. Exxon undoubtedly makes decisions hourly that create impacts on the environment and human life (including elderly dying in the cold because they can't afford heating bills) that I would find completely unacceptable.
  2. The profits of your business should be used for good. And, just a hint guys, "good" does not include toys for the wealthy. I'm talking about the greater good.
One day I will, by gum, run the circus. Because obviously we can't leave these clowns in charge.

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  1. And, there are a lot of clowns. I mean, can you imagine how many of them can fit in a gas-guzzling monster of a Hummer?

    You'll need a whip and chair to keep them in line, but undoubtedly before long, you'll have them jumping naked through fiery hoops while the lions look on.