Friday, January 13, 2006

Everywhere and Nowhere

While sniffing around the blogthings website I found their "You Know You're From... When..." list. I checked every state I've lived in (long list), the ones I've spent appreciable time in, and even the ones that my husband has lived in, since over the past 18 years I think I may have absorbed them by osmosis. Although there were a lot of jokes/observations that I got I didn't find one set that I was like, "Oh yes, this is my place."

So how about you?

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    While "my place" was on point on a number of items, there were a bunch of references that I didn't get.

    Besides, there's nothing special about Rolling Rock. Yeungling is where it's at.
    An Penn Pilsner is good, but their OKTOBERFEST! is better.
    "O" | Homepage | 01.14.06 - 4:59 pm | #

    Gravatar The San Francisco one is pretty much on target for me. Ohio, New Jersey, and Mississippi (lived in all three as a kid) I didn't get much. Guess that means that after 30 years in the Bay Area, I really am from here.
    Tom Hilton | Homepage | 01.18.06 - 11:10 am | #

    Gravatar The California one was *highly inaccurate*. There are uptight residents here, too! :-(

    But the one for Indiana is dead-on.
    pam | Homepage | 01.18.06 - 9:52 pm | #