Saturday, December 17, 2005

Out and About in the Blogosphere

Swerve Left has a scary story about Big Brother: Making sure we don't read the wrong things.

On A Mockingbird's Medley Mimus Pauly GOES OFF on House Resolution 579 which was drafted to preserve references to Christmas in public discourse. This entry was also the first time I realized Mimus Pauly lived in Richmond, so the next time I go shopping over yonder I will raise a wing. The Chemist also calls bullshit on the resolution.

In his joy of announcing he's on vacation lucretius gives us a rather exhaustive list of holidays on de rerum natura. Although he mentioned Elvis' birthday (Jan. 8) he did miss Jimmy Buffet's (Dec. 25).

Susan at Easy Bake Coven pointed the way to this modern Oedipus story.

Jim at Making Light reminds us to be careful in the cold. My favorite line? "Sometimes the clothing you need to wear is a “cabin” with a pot-bellied stove." Mmmm, now I want hot cocoa...

Adam Felber at Fanatical Apathy cuts through the Patriot Acting to get down to the core issue. "Democrats hate America. Republicans hate liberty." Because, "if that’s not true, then things get complicated…"

In case you missed it the Liberal Marine reported the "First Woman Silver Star Recipient for Direct Participation in Combat, Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester" on Dec. 12, including a picture (scroll down). There's also an article at the WaPo if you want to read more.

Oyster at Your Right Hand Thief contemplates real estate concerns in his hometown - of New Orleans. (BTW, Oyster, I recently read a blogger who referred to "disaster pansies on the Gulf Coast." I recommend you send him a cup of mold for Christmas.)

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