Saturday, December 24, 2005

Headlines That Make You Say "Whaaaa...?"

Frist's Setbacks as Senate Leader Imperil His Presidential Bid

The only other thing I have to say is, "Asphinctersayswhat?" He... they... seriously? In 2008? No kidding... We're talking about the cover boy for Fristies brand cat food. The same man that Jon Stewart cracks on as a total boob.

The NotoriousADB is right. This stuff isn't even funny anymore. Any country where Bill Frist is taken by anyone anywhere as a serious contender for the most powerful job in the place - is totally f'ed up.

One of my favorite short stories in Omni magazine from many years ago was called "The Man Who." It focused on a bum (no, literally, a bum) running for president on the platform that once in office he would abolish the job. Where is THAT man when we need him?

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