Wednesday, December 28, 2005

And Now A Moment of Serenity

Did I mention that I got Serenity? Love that movie. And for my birthday I got Serenity the Role Playing Game. My sister is now volunteering to run a game. Can I get any luckier? I'm working on my character while I'm on vacation. Her name is Eshana.

No, I'm not ripping off Inara. Inara is Arabic and Eshana is Hindi. I'm something of a name freak and I have to look these things up. I usually end up with a character name where the meaning spells out my underlying purpose. See, Inara means "ray of light" or "heaven sent." That's very sweet and a good name for a cleric. Which, in many ways, is how Inara plays out in the plot. Everyone seeks comfort and solace through her. Even Joss was a bit surprised during his commentary on Firefly to realize that everyone comes to her - including Book - to be absolved or cleansed. I'd already spotted that theme, but with 20+ years of playing clerics under my belt I kinda know how they work... I'm usually either a cleric or a fighter -a la Zoe - so my joke is that I can either patch holes or put them in you. (If I were on Serenity I would definitely be Zoe, though. To the job, sir.)

, on the other hand, means "searcher." I'm still in the early stages of character development but she's going to be the lead scientist on a Firefly fit for surveying. That little area down in the nose, below the pilot, that is so underused on Serenity (I've seen Mal get some gear out of there, but that's about it) is going to be Eshana's main gig. Sensor equipment, computers, and blinky lights - oh my! Meanwhile, my husband is going to be playing our Captain Tightpants... er, I mean Captain Merrick. The rest of the crew is to be determined.


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