Monday, March 14, 2005

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Interesting title that media player came up with for this one.

Sometimes you know things, but you don't really KNOW them, you know? I found this to be very sobering.

Via Preposterous Universe via 3 Quarks Daily I got a link to the Global Rich List. I knew that we were really well off here, but I didn't know that I was THAT f-ing rich. Of course if we recalc the whole thing based on net asset position I would find myself more towards the bottom of the bell curve. At this point the only thing I have going for me is earning power.

Maybe the media player is on to something. Maybe if we just relaxed and sent the money we would spend on happy drugs to those in need the world would be a better place. Or wait a second. Maybe I should send MYSELF to some place where I can live on far less.

How rich are you?

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