Thursday, April 15, 2004

Ask What You Can Do For Your Country

I'm so excited that I'm running in circles. John Kerry is proposing that we pay for students pursuing public service by limiting the profit banks can make off of guaranteed student loans. This is the first thing I've seen with Kerry's name attached that made me want to run up to Massachusetts and hug him.

    Kerry contends that as many as 500,000 young men and women would be lured into public service by his plan, which he said would reinvigorate the nation's commitment to such service.

Heck, I'd do almost anything if you paid off my student loans. But then again I'm predisposed to public service (my history includes federal, state, and volunteer positions), so it's not like a two-year public service position would be a big deal to me.

What do you think? Are the kids of today willing to do public service? Should they need the incentive of a free college education to contribute only TWO YEARS of public service to their country, state, or community? Further, have college costs gotten out of hand?

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