Friday, February 13, 2004

Well, you wanna know why I love Dean?

Recent post from his blog:


Guest-blogger John Daly of Richmond, VT.

My name is John. When I moved to Vermont, I was unemployed. I got a job as a dishwasher to pay the bills. Walking home soaking wet after work is a great way to get sick. I turned to the state for health care.

Under the Dean Administration, I saw a doctor for $2. I have had the pleasure of having a cavity filled for $3. (I still got a lollipop.)

I don’t wash dishes anymore. Now I own my own business. I went from eating ‘hand to mouth’ to earning ‘hand over fist’ under the Dean administration. My business is Piano Tuning. The first thing to go when things turn bad is harmony. But in Vermont I can still keep my business afloat because people know their social services are not evaporating.

Our primary goal as humans is to ensure the safety and health of our children. My clients are more willing to invest in my services than they would be if they weren’t sure their kids will be cared for.

I see the same doctor I used to see for $2 for a lot more now. But I’m proud to spend my earnings in Vermont. My spending helps my neighbor see a doctor when they need help. After my neighbor gets on their feet maybe they’ll buy a piano, and I might get to tune it.


It's not so radical as changing the world, it's because he's been a guy who has made government work for everyone. Anyone who does that should be rewarded with a promotion.

Pretty simple, n'est pas il?

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