Sunday, February 26, 2012

Should I Change My Twitter Avatar? (pics)

Today I read this article and it got me to thinking. Should I change my Twitter avatar? Do me a favor and vote for one of the three options.

1. Current Avatar

I mean, in terms of authenticity I drew this avatar myself. It was part of a cartoon wishboard where I'm at Comicon. (Hasn't happened yet, darn wishboard, but I'll keep wishing.) This cartoon Sue has become sort of the basis of my "brand identity" and is all over my Twitter, Facebook, and other accounts.

2. Proposed "Real Me" Avatar

If you've read my interviews you've seen this pic before. It's not the best quality but it's one of the rare ones where I'm ACTUALLY SMILING. This means that my husband took it.

3. Alternate "Really Me" Avatar

And then this is what I look like when I'm tweeting away in the den. My MacBook Pro is wicked bright apparently. Well, slight lie, I usually have my hair knotted at the top of my head and vanity demanded that I shake it down for a picture.

Friday, February 24, 2012

What If "Star Wars: Episode I" Was Good? (Belated Media)

If you're an original trilogy Star Wars fan and haven't seen this yet, you really need to click the play button. Although I don't agree with him on all points, I definitely agree with him in concept. If only we had faith that Lucas would ever edit for things like this...

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Husband Is A Technology Hipster

Last night while doing laundry (a statement that makes me feel very Erma Bombeck, but it's truly what I was doing) I started thinking about my husband's casual distaste for smart phones, ebooks, and other hallmarks of the modern technological life. It was odd, I thought to myself, because he loves gadgets. Then I realized it was because those were things he was "so over."

Perhaps it was being raised by a single father who also happened to be in the computer industry since the 60s, but my hubs has a comfortable relationship with tech. Without making any special effort that I can see he keeps his nose to the wind of tech changes, picking and choosing technology interests. For instance, when the HP Jornada came out in the late 90s he scooped it up. It was branded as a PDA but was really a tiny pc. He loved it. He had wifi (back when it wasn't in every coffee shop, which means he complained constantly) and a complete catalog of available ebooks (thank you UVa digital library and the Gutenberg Project). The only thing that his Jornada didn't have in comparison to my smartphone was the phone part, something he hates anyway.

In case you wondered, yes every now and then when I talk about what I'm doing on my smart phone he mentions that the technology should have come a lot farther by now. And you can hear it in his voice, the desire to say "That is so fifteen years ago."

From now on I'll be keeping a sharper eye on what he wants to pick up and play with because he is obviously a technology hipster.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Writing Insight Interviews Are Back!

After a six month hiatus the Writing Insight interviews are back! Check them out at the Writing Insight blog!

2/8/12 Rick Gualtieri with Bigfoot Hunters
2/1/12 Myke Cole with Control Point

Did you miss some of the awesome ones that were posted before break?
  • 6/6/11 Matt Forbeck - who since then did a crazy Kickstarter to raise money to write 12 novels in 2012! I'm thinking maybe Matt would do anything on a dare.
  • 5/4/11 Rose Gordon - who has published another romance trilogy since our interview.
  • 4/25/11 Dayton Ward - Star Trek novelist extraordinaire who continues to turn out novels and short stories at an incredible rate
  • and many, many more! Go to to check them out.
The site now has categories so that you can check interviews out by genre.

Sunday, February 5, 2012