Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back in Time A to Z: House (1986)

House: Limited Edition (20,000) includes House IIYou may have picked up already that I love me some comedic horror and this is probably my favorite of all horror comedy movies. Maybe because it was one of the first ones I saw. Maybe because it has a ton of 80s TV stars. Maybe because hubs and I still quote it.

The main character (played by William Katt of Greatest American Hero fame) is an author still grieving the loss of his son, the divorce from his wife, and the death of his aunt from whom he just inherited a giant, and creepy, Victorian house. Throw in a few Vietnam flashbacks from his service in the war and you get a plot where we wonder whether he is really seeing the supernatural or just completely losing his grip on reality. Expect a few suspense moments and plenty of over-the-top gore and thrills similar to Peter Jackson's Dead Alive.


  1. This was my very favorite movie for a while when I was 16 or 17. Couldn't get anyone else to like it the way I did, but I fully embraced its quirky genius.

    A few months back I introduced it to my kids, now ages 10 and 13. Sadly, it didn't age well; none of us were able to enjoy it much. It'll always have a soft spot in my heart, though, just for the thrills it gave my teenage self.

  2. Thanks for coming by, Debora! Well, in general the 80s haven't aged well. I gave some advice to Neil in a previous movie post that sometimes who we watch something with can influence how we enjoy it, so it's very possible that if the two of us sat down to watch it we would instantly transform into our 16 year old selves enjoying the movie. I just watched it again yesterday and it was still fun.

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  4. Sue, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!