Monday, April 4, 2011

Back in Time A to Z: Captain Ron (1992)

Captain RonOh goodness gracious do we love this movie, mostly because on one of our sailing trips in the Bahamas we met a man almost exactly like the Captain Ron of the title. And yes, someone had left him in charge of a boat.

This is definitely a movie where you need to disengage your brain, but it is a lot of fun. Martin Short is endearing as middle-aged Martin Harvey, desperate to make his family connect. After inheriting a sailboat he jumps on the opportunity to have the family sail it to a boat broker in Miami. Since the Harvey's don't really know how to sail, they end up hiring Captain Ron, played by Kurt Russell. Goofball comedy ensues.

An excellent pick to watch before a beach or sailing vacation. Then no matter what happens you can say, "Well at least we didn't have [event from movie] happen to us!"


  1. I remember taking friends to see this, planning for it to be stupid fun and better than the crappy=looking trailers promised. Sadly, I was, um, not looked upon kindly by my friends afterwards. I thought it was laughless and lifeless. Maybe, maybe, someday, I will give it another chance because of your review. What you wrote is how I wanted to feel about it, but didn't. And don't.

  2. Ha! Hi Neil! Your comment is probably good warning. There have been comedies that I've brought home that made hubs suspend my video rental license, so one should always suspect my wide-ranging comedy tastes. (Even though he enjoyed this one, too. And neither of us are particularly Martin Short fans.)

    That being said, although I often say that "expectation is everything" regarding movie enjoyment, it really isn't. Because who you see it with can definitely impact how you feel about it. I learned this after telling a friend that a particular movie was awesome, funny, and scary. We watched it together and not only did she not enjoy it, *I* didn't enjoy it that time around. It seemed stupid, shallow, and lame. The movie? American Werewolf in London. At first I thought maybe it just didn't hold up well, but then watched it yet again a few years later and was able to enjoy it again as a classic of horror comedy. Apparently her waves of disapproval were so strong that they clouded my experience.