Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Funny Women of Twitter

When Kristina Martin (@quickmissive) asked if I'd like to do a guest post (A Very Serious Thing) over at her blog Ten Minute Missive I jumped at the chance to work with her. Kristina is a funny lady and March is women's history month, so I thought what could be better than to write about the history of funny women? Make sure to head over there and check it out.

This companion post is an attempt to collect a list of women who are funny right now in that great big improv room known as Twitter. Not trusting that I would know all the funny women (who could?) I crowd sourced to compose the list. Please add more in comments and I will update the list. You can also follow them on my twitter list Funny Women of Twitter.

Funny Women of Twitter (alphabetical by first name)


  1. Oh, my goodness! What a great list to be included on -- thank you so much. You humble me. And that's not easy to do! ;)

  2. Thank you! What a nice group of ladies to be between!

  3. Can you be on this list if you're a guy?

    Asking for a friend.

  4. @Linda of course! You are one funny lady!

    @Jill thanks for coming by! And for your humor every day!

    @Jonas not by definition, but just the other day I was thinking "why don't we have a men's history month so that I can do this list for guys?" So I'm gonna make a list just for men and track you down to get that friend's name. Then we can have a race to see WHO makes their list longest first. I've gotta say that not many women have had their names submitted for this... Maybe a little competitive spirit will liven things up.

  5. I'm still very appreciative of your guest post while I was in Europe last year. You are the best!!!!