Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fillin' Out a Job Application Playlist

Think good thoughts for me. This is what the random iPod gave me for a playlist (first ten).
  1. One Week - Barenaked Ladies
  2. All For You - Sister Hazel
  3. Thank You - Dido
  4. Torn - Natalie Imbruglia
  5. Stay (I Missed You) - Lisa Loeb
  6. Hands - Jewel
  7. The Remedy (I Won't Worry) - Jason Mraz*
  8. Underneath Your Clothes - Shakira
  9. It's All Coming Back to Me Now - Celine Dion
  10. Music - Madonna
Special note on Jason - I've worked with his mom. Having grown up with musicians for brothers and lingering on the edges of the "music scene" for most of my life I smiled indulgently when she told me how great his music was. Well, we can see how that worked out. Good on ya, Jason, for making your mama proud.

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