Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cheese(y) Films

Twitter is a fantastic place to witness and participate in phenomenal flocks of wit. Recently a challenge was to pun on film titles using cheese. What could be better for God and Cheese Day? Some of what we found to be the funniest.

azurite1 Dirty Havarti
Widgett: Quesoblanco
ALH009 The Three Asiagos
JohnGushue East of Edam
ALH009 The Secret Life of Brie 
ObeliskToucher A Night To Camembert
pjwaldron Blue Velveeta
ShirtNinja Muenster's Inc.
DominikH The Stilton of the Lambs  
DougMcBride: Prov Alone
pjwaldron Out on a Limburger
Scottums The Mozzarella Candidate
DominikH Brie to Terabithia
Widgett My Favorite Gruyere
Widgett Goudafella
jenifersf Saturday Night Chevre
misseuph Waiting For Gouda
Widgett The Gods Must Be Käse
meeshiefeet White Cheddar Can't Jump
jugglingscarves Gorgonzilla
BadAstronomer: The Kraft
BadAstronomer: Going My Whey (double feature with Oh, Gouda)
jugglingscarves Gouda Will Hunting
Jules0512 American cheese in London
GreatRedDragon Shmear and Loathing in Las Vegas 

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