Friday, October 16, 2009

The Princess and the Frog

Oh, how I love, love, LOVE Disney movies. Waiting for The Princess and the Frog has been hard, because there is a wee bit of concern that it could suck and I don't want it suck, especially since it is centered on beloved New Orleans.

Now Disney, knowing my addiction well, has emailed me about the release. It will be nationwide on December 11th and there will be a limited release on November 25th in NY & LA.

I stared at that a long time.

Don't you, I thought, want to include New Orleans in that early release? For a moment my brain even saw it as NOLA (abbreviation for New Orleans, Louisiana if ya'll don't know). But alas, no.

Thank you for the email addressed to me and signed by you, Mr. Lasseter, but come closer, closer. Yes, lean over here and I will grab hold of your funky Hawaiian shirt and we will have words. Are you listening?

THE RIGHT PLACE FOR AN EARLY RELEASE IS NEW ORLEANS. You should have involved yourself in renovating the Saenger (damaged in Katrina) and made the premier of The Princess and the Frog it's grand reopening. Failing that, find a nice theater and make a big deal out of it opening there and put that lovely city all over the news. Make it an event. Make it mean something. This is the first movie we've really had the opportunity to do that with so it amazes me that you didn't think of it yourself.


  1. I am so surprised that they are NOT doing this. Usually Lasseter is so press savvy. What a PR move that would be for relaunching traditional animation by Disney, the film and New Orleans. Good call Sue!

  2. Hey Scoops! Good to see you!

    Based on some of the early press I've read its possibly because they are not expecting a warm reception to the film from New Orleans. Although remaining hopeful that they will pull the plot off, it does seem a bit strange to me. Not the frog part, or the girl wanting to grow up and run a restaurant part. It's the prince part. Why did they import a prince from some far off land? Better option would have been a musician whose reputation made him the Prince of Basin Street or something like that.