Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why Does Our Tea Suck?

My sister and I were discussing earlier that tea we drink that has been hand carried by loving friends from England is VASTLY superior to any 'imported' tea that we have bought here in the U.S. Why is that?

We blame the abolition of the Board of Tea Experts (aka Board of Tea Appeals).

Get on the issue, Tea Association, before we insist that another Imported Tea Act be passed.

Until we clear this up, my favorite "Earl Grey" is from California (does that technically make it Awesome Dude Grey?). Thank you, Ceylon Teas, for not sucking.


  1. Maybe it's the residual effects and punishment from the Boston Tea Party? We're forever condemned to sub-par tea!

  2. True, they just can't seem to get over that whole "colonist uprising" thing.

    Thanks for coming by! :)