Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's All About Convenience

Mobile blogging is great for these moments. I was just at a gas station where they couldn't process my card at the pump. The attendant came over the speaker, "Number 16, press the pay inside button and come in after you pump." No. Bad news, but as well as selling me gas you are selling me the convenience of indulging my shyness. As an introvert I have a limited supply of interaction energy and I expended a surplus of it yesterday volunteering time at a call center. So I got back in my car, muttering my signature "you are of no use to me" under my breath, and scooted across the parking lot to the BP on the chance that their pump would work. It did and all was right in my world. They also promised that their gas would invigorate my car, which sort of scares me.
Quite often I doubt that companies really know what they are selling. In case you were wondering, yes. The gas was more expensive at the BP.

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