Sunday, November 16, 2008

Creepy, Abandoned Chi-Chi's...

As many of our readers know, I used to work at Chi-Chi's Mexican Restaurante. I met my husband there and most of my best friends have worked there (as did three of my sisters-in-law). The chain started going downhill when it was sold to Family Restaurants, Inc. in the early 90s and I figured that by now it had died (other than the Hormel salsa and corn cake). Yes, the death knell for Chi-Chi's in America was apparently in 2004 (see Wikipedia entry).

However, the spirit of Chi-Chi's lives on in those of us who remember it's good years. One person collects photos of "Creepy, Abandoned Chi-Chi's" and shares them with us on her blog. Another set up a petition to get Chi-Chi's back in the U.S. Who that petition is going to I have no idea, but I'll sign it if it means I can order a yummy Cancun or shrimp Chajita with a big ole side of corn cake.

Also, if you're willing to go overseas you can check out the ones still in Belgium.

p.s. This company history is more in depth, but does not cover the closing.

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