Saturday, August 9, 2008

Geeks R' Us

We can check off a few too many of the things from "You Might Be a Fan If..."

For instance:
  • You have more than one pet named after favorite characters.
  • Your wedding march was Darth Vader's theme. (It was close.)
  • ...While you and your spouse were in costume.
  • You spent more than $100 on your costume and had to special order some of the pieces.
  • You were making up stories in your head years about your favorite TV shows before anyone ever said the word "fanfiction" to you. After you found out what it was, a lot of your life made a lot more sense.
  • You are incapable of hearing, reading or speaking the word "inconceivable" without quoting "The Princess Bride." (Yes, that would in fact be inconceivable.)
  • The action figures you have bought yourself as an adult outnumber the toys that survived your childhood.
  • The action figures live on your desk.
  • You can't help but think LEGO anything is automatically more cool.

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