Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm With the Band...

I got this game from Scoops. "Here's how the meme goes: Go to Wikipedia. Click on "random article." The first one that comes up is your band's name. The next is the album title. The next 15 are the songs on the album."

His band, Darwin Glass, turned out great. I kept myself from editing my results or skipping anything to get a completely random read. My best guess is that this is a slightly political, very weird folk/country group. Potentially from Europe. That have a weird fascination with both time and geography. Apparently they are fans of Darwin Glass because track #10 looks like a cover of a Darwin Glass song.

Band Name: Watts Bar Lake
Album Title: 2007 Kerry Intermediate Football Championship
Track Listing:
1) Patricia McKay
2) What You Don't Know
3) Martin Mere
4) Charlotte Eagles
5) Thirteener
6) Lateral coital position
7) 1996-97 United States network television schedule (Saturday morning)
8) Yasir Hameed
9) Horsleycross Street
10) Discrepancy of hypergraphs
11) Neuviller-lès-Badonviller
12) Marlinton, West Virginia
13) Malcolm Gladwell
14) TTE
15) 2855 Bastian


  1. I don't know. I think #6 is my personal favorite. Darwin Glass likes that position. Er, I mean song.

  2. Track 10 "Discrepancy of hypergraphs" is indeed a cover of a Darwin Glass song. It's from our debut album called "Surgery Theory". We are honored that a band like Watts Bar Lake would do one of our songs, and do it so well. The banjo solo was a surprising touch.

    (BTW, I have to admit I did doctor my list a little. I didn't use names, but other than that, it was all legit. The Surgery Theory album was named in the same manner, but was the first article that popped up.)

    Are you a LOST fan? Tonight's show blew me away.

  3. There are actually fewer names on our track list than you might think. Martin Mere is a place and Charlotte Eagles is a team. Since all three of the real names have vague political implications I think that is fascinating.

    Upon reflection I think that this is an Irish punk/folk band that yearns for some country/bluegrass cred.

    As for Lost, we watched it for the first season but couldn't keep up. It's one of those things that I assume I will eventually have on DVD and just sit down and watch all in one stretch.