Sunday, April 6, 2008

Welcome to the Party

Web comic Mike Stanfill over at The Far Left Side posted this in his "rant" section on April 2nd:
Oar Story.

You will often hear people say "There's no difference between Democrats and Republicans".

Avoid these people. They are injecting the KooL-Aid© directly into their medula oblongata with a bent turkey baster.

Here's a little anecdote I contrived to help others easily remember the difference between the two parties:

There are two ships in the harbor. One is the Democratic ship and the other is the Republican ship. Each is manned by 100 sturdy sailors, ready at their oars.

On the Democratic ship the captain stands before his men and says "We all sail this great ship of state today not as individuals, but as a collective. No matter whether weak or strong, large or small, if we all work together, if every man pitches in and gives it everything he's got, then this ship will sail fast and true. And all will benefit equally as a result of our labors."

On the Republican ship, the captain takes a moment to survey his crew before saying "Welcome, slaves!"

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