Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sane Reaction to an Insane Situation?

Do you remember the story from last year about the woman who took a hammer to a Comcast office?

I feel her pain.

I'm in the endless circle of trying to figure out who you talk to in order to get a charge removed that someone already told you was removed but now it's been two months and of course it is still on the bill. It is a lovely cycle of 800 number, online support, and local office. Repeat until driven completely insane.

Comcast needs a different business model. From what I can tell the answer is that no matter what your problem is NO ONE CAN HELP YOU. It is like their corporate model is to be actively unhelpful. Sure, some of the individual people I talk to are nice enough and I'm sure they wouldn't mind helping me if, you know, they could. BUT THEY NEVER CAN. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I know that previous issues have eventually been resolved but I think that I become insensate by the time we reach resolution so I don't even have clues as to how I can make that issue to resolution path any faster. I think it all comes down to the luck of the draw. Sometimes, on very special nights when the moon is exceptionally bright and God is smiling down from heaven... on those nights you actually get ahold of someone who knows what they are doing. Otherwise? Well, you might as well warm up the hammer.

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