Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Intuit

I stumbled upon a free online MBTI test called 41 Questions. I grabbed a snapshot of my results from the site, where they mark the relative position of your preferences on a sliding scale.

My "Intuitive" results look like they are about to fall off the top of the chart. So I would say that my relative results are something more like INFP. This is a pretty consistent result for me and I've seen this displayed different ways.

Basically, I get my energy from time alone or in contemplation. When presented with a decision I will always ultimately go with my gut. I'm flexible between feeling and thinking, with a preference for values over analysis. I prefer open options, but not so strongly that I fight closure.

At work I can very easily cross over into INTJ-land, becoming more analytical and closure-oriented than I am naturally. After a few days straight of that I regret that I didn't go into the arts and I have to play with my crayons or something.

How about you? Have you taken this type of test before? Do the results ever surprise you? Do you get the same results over and over? Do you think that it accurately reflects your strengths and areas of flexibility?

1 comment:

  1. Hey, I'm an INFP, too. Extreme on the N, just like you. Maybe it's a writer thing.

    I have taken these kinds of tests before, and they always come out with pretty much the same result, so maybe there's something to them. I do know they have the introvert part right--while I enjoy social situations, I totally get my energy from solitude.