Saturday, April 19, 2008

Heave that Talent and Creativity

David Wong derides the shallow objectification of women in video games, closing with this tongue-in-cheek assertion:
Like all industry, it is inevitable that females will eventually forge their place in the world of game design. The female designers will burst on the scene soon enough, heaving their giant bosoms of talent and creativity and brandishing their black thongs of diversity.
~ David Wong, A Gamer's Manifesto
Personally I've never been very bothered by the bimbo-esque style of most female video game characters. In our fantasy life what woman wouldn't want to be totally hot while also completely kicking her buddy's behind? My Chun Li won many a night of heated Street Fighter contests. And that irritating giggle/bounce thing that the character does really started to get on their nerves. Heh-heh. Good times, good times...

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