Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Police - Update

I found a review on for the show last night. Although they have some points, some things require comment.

"When The Police last toured in 1984, the Internet was a foreign concept, gas cost $1.21 a gallon, yet Sting looked the same as he does today." Uh, no he doesn't. We just all aged at the same rate. As I said to my sister at his 2000 concert, "You know what shows our age? The fact that we still think he looks good." Yes, he's still a good looking guy. But an older good looking guy. He's bordering on distinguished, but he still has enough of a puckish glint in his eye - especially when he's NOT on stage - to let you know that in some ways he will stay a young rock star forever.

"...theirs is a show of cool professionalism - expertly delivered, filled with phenomenal musicianship but not much warmth." Really? I agree on the professionalism, but I was warmed down to my little toes. It could be because I'm such a huge fan. Or because I was back there soaking up Stewart's vibe.

"Copeland, a native Virginian, appeared to enjoy himself the most. Looking like a long-distance bicyclist in his sweatband and white gloves, Copeland showed off an athleticism behind his drum kit that is rarely seen - even holding his drumsticks the proper way (left wrist upward)." Native? Yes, born here. In Alexandria, just like me. But he grew up overseas from a very young age and went to college in California, so I'm not sure how "native" he would really be. I only grew up in in the Deep South and I feel like it affected my Virginianity. As Reese Witherspoon said in "Sweet Home Alabama," you should need a passport to go down there. I loved it, but it's different. I imagine the Middle East would be differenter. And as for the rest of it - that was typical, vintage Stewart. When I heard they were touring I wondered if his enthusiastic, athletic playing would have slowed down with age. Somehow, someway the answer is NO. And, yes, he's always been noted for holding his drumsticks "properly." Part of that serious musical background, I should think.

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