Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mississippi Swamp Frog Done Good

My childhood was deeply tied to the genius of the Muppets. Sesame Street, The Muppets, the movies, the records. I loved it all. I totally *got* the Snuffleupagus, adored Oscar, loved the Cookie Monster, and believed that the Sesame Street neighborhood and their friendships were the way things were supposed to be. I loved the Count and Bert and Ernie... Ok, like I said, I loved it all. And The Muppets! Brilliant. My favorite bit was probably "Pigs in Space!!!!" and I was definitely a Miss Piggy fan. I loved Fozzy and Gonzo. And through it ALL we had Kermie.

On the good news front of life, then, is that the first season of Sesame Street has been released on DVD. I've been looking forward to seeing it because I knew that the ever-progressive Mississippi had banned the show when it first came out. What I hadn't known was that Kermit the Frog was from there! Yes! He is a Mississippi swamp frog! Now, of course, he is considered a favored son. There's nothing like international fame to make your home town love you. (Jim Henson is from there, too, by the way. I wonder if that's how he and Kermit met... Yes, I'm joking, I'm JOKING!)

I miss the swamps of Mississippi when I'm in a dry climate like Phoenix. (That was the city that made me coin the short-hand response on how I liked dry weather: "Sorry, I'm a swamp baby!" My answer to "But it's a dry heat" is "Yeah, that's the problem!") Maybe some time Kermie and I can hang out down yonder and enjoy the humid weather together.

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