Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ghost Hunters

I'm staying up way later than I should to watch the Ghost Hunters live coverage. They just asked one of their potential ghost hunters about his background and research in the paranormal and it seems like his primary resource has been the TAPS Ghost Hunter show.

When I was a kid I had an insatiable appetite for ghost stories. One of my earliest memories was hanging out with a friend and telling each other ghost stories. By the time I was nine I had blazed my way through every ghost story related book in our school library. Our kooky, cool librarian asked me what my birthday was and when I said it was in November pulled a book from under her counter and handed it to me. "You might like this," she said. It was an astrology book. Yep, that worked for me. But it didn't distract me too much from my original quest.

Once I moved on to bigger and better libraries in my teens (by then I lived on a University campus) I continued reading, reading, reading. Fiction, alleged non-fiction, books, magazines... You name it and I wanted to read it. My curiosity is rather profound and metaphysics is an area of particular interest. To me, testing the limits of agreed-upon reality is part of determining the nature of reality. (By twelve I was also wondering how much of reality was subjective, so I was a strange child.)

Have I seen a ghost? No, I have not. I know people who believe they have. Would I like to see a ghost? I wouldn't mind.

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