Friday, November 2, 2007

Game Plan

I'm an admittedly eager fan of Disney stuff, kids movies, and action actors - so keep that in mind. I may, in fact, loose all cred in a few sentences. But I can see why the movie "The Game Plan" has made quite a bit of money. It's fun. It's a perfect Dad/Daughter movie which manages to combine football, sports cars, and buddies with ballerinas, rhinestones, and dolls.

Madison Pettis
manages to give the tween versions of Hayden Panettiere (Remember the Titans, Raising Helen) and Dakota Fanning (Uptown Girls, Dreamer) a run for their money in the smart/sassy/cute department.

Dwayne Johnson (the artist formerly known as The Rock) is well within his comfort zone for this movie, so if you liked him in Rundown or Scorpion King you will probably like him in this. For me, Rundown (stupid monkey!) is still my favorite movie that he's done.


  1. Sue, I'm offering you a position as executive in charge of Disney when my daughter is old enough to appreciate it. We have Beauty/Beast on DVD (just 'cause it's a great film), but I'd appreciate it if she watches whatever High School Musical cr*ppo comes out at your place, and then just provide with a brief synopsis and actor names so I can understand when she namedrops. 'Cause frankly, I'd rather eat my own eyeballs than watch Game Plan.

    Maybe I'll get lucky and she'll want to watch Rundown instead...

  2. Ha! I wouldn't mind being She In Charge of All Things Disney, but I saw that last picture you sent. One look from those big, beautiful eyes of hers and you will trip over yourself trying to rush her to whatever movie she wants to see. I'm just warning you.

    But, do *ask* her what she wants to see. If my dad had just asked he could have saved himself a viewing of Pretty in Pink and seen Predator one night earlier.