Saturday, November 3, 2007

Dude, You So Get Me....

To be filed under "cool... I think" comes the new online tool from Psychster, YouJustGetMe. Friendster for psychos? No, no, no. Really. Sort of. Although it does seem like it could be used for some advanced stalking. What is Psychster, you ask? Well, you fill out a 40-question personality test and then your online "friends" answer the same 40 questions about you.
"It tells them if their online profile is communicating their personality faithfully to others," said David Evans,
Yeah. Or helps them to adjust their personalities until they are communicating something totally unlike themselves.

Just sayin'.

Would you use the Psychster tool on your website? And, if so, how would you use the data?

Being me I, of course, took the test. I don't entirely agree with the results. Although I am, by nature, pretty "Casual" I also work 24/7 so I don't like that they extrapolated a laid-back personality with shiftlessness. (That always happens to the Irish!) And by "Extroverted" they must really take into account muppets because I would definitely talk to them. But otherwise I'm pretty shy.

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