Friday, November 9, 2007


I was reading about Joe Sumner's band Fiction Plane on Wiki and they mentioned "Fiction Plane is an anagram of 'Infant Police', although Joe Sumner maintains that this is a coincidence." And I was like, "Oh, right, like he'd sit there working through all the... Wait a second. This is the age of the internet. How long could it take to find an Anagram Creator? Google yielded BlackDog in a split second. I put in "Infant Police" to see how many options I would get. It didn't auto count but it's... a lot. Most of them are utter nonsense, but let me share some of the options that sounded like other fun band names. I mean Sting's got five kids, Stewart has four and I think Andy has two. Someone else might need one of these.

First hit? Infantile cop. Funny.
Fiction Penal
Finance Pilot
Tinfoil Pecan
Action Elf Pin
Catnip Felon I (you know, in case the cat decides to launch a rap career)
Infant Pile Co.
Polite Fan Inc.
Ain't Elfin Cop
.... I give up. Out of hundreds it does look like Fiction Plane was the best choice.

I also tried "The Police" for the purists. And got better results, I thought.
Chile Poet (especially if another member is a somehow related to the Red Hot Chile Peppers)
Epoch Lite
Ethic Pole
Hotel Epic (could also serve as an Eagles reference)
Optic Heel (teaming up with a relative of Little Feet? this is your best best bet)
Celt Pie Ho (now that's just funny....)

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