Sunday, July 8, 2007


I get a lot of Google love, so it's quite possible that you came here looking for something in a search but didn't find what you really wanted. Try not to lose heart because you have discovered Soogle. If you leave a comment on this post I will use my extraordinary search skills and Irish luck on your behalf to find you that quote, mp3, arcane reference, or other hard-to-find information that you have been hunting. If you want references, well, I can tell you that I didn't nickname myself.

There's no charge for the service. It just keeps me entertained. But if you think I do a particularly good job for you, you can leave a little cha-ching in the change jar. Please note that this website is rated "G" for General Audiences. Anything of a risqué or questionable nature will be deleted from the comments.


  1. Ready made Ontologies for merging and reuse?

  2. I'm not sure I know what you mean. For now I suggest FactGuru, although it would be nice if they had a message board/community to connect with people who have the knowledgebase you need. Get the link in my recent post.