Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gimmee Five

It's been a long time since I've been tagged with a meme, so I'd just like to thank the Academy... :) Alright, I'd at least like to thank StealthBadger for tagging me.

The meme is 5 for Feminism: what five things can I think of that I have feminism to thank for. I found this to be interesting because I don't tend to be a feminist per se, more of an individualist. But I'm not a complete idiot. Going all the way back to the suffragettes, five things I can thank feminism for:

1. My vote. It took a lot of effort to ensure that women got the right to vote. I appreciate the efforts on my behalf.

2. My education. Previous generations didn't really have co-ed education and women's options were pretty much restricted to nursing and teaching. I was able to study business.

3. My job. Even just twenty years before I started my career it would have been almost impossible for a female to have it. I've never really dealt with sexism in the office and have never felt that my gender impacted my income or job assignments.

4. My opportunities. I am confident that if I hadn't pursued my current path there were plenty of other options available to me. Excellent professional opportunities that would have held my interest and given me a sense of satisfaction. I know that, personally, home making, nursing and teaching would not be on that list so I'm very lucky to not be expected to love those options (like my mother's generation was).

5. Not having to worry about the other four.

I also found this great list about women who have done so much to contribute to the world we enjoy.

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