Saturday, January 6, 2007

Back Off, Man. I'm a Philosopher.

Apparently I'm three-sided. That hurts my brain, so I'll assume that I'm six-sided and need to divide by two. (How to spot the gamer in the room, don't you know.) Check out Ansir's Three Sides of You. Some of my results:

Thinking Style: Kinsmen
* Family is the common thread running through all they think and do.
* They are gifted negotiators.

"Family is the theme that repeats throughout all they do. The world is but an extension of that deeply-rooted conviction. The Kinsmen tendencey is to see the goodness in others. They remind us of what is ultimately important in life and why each has others in the world. These intelligent, unprepossessing individuals are not driven by ego. Their style is more of the show than tell variety. Their living is their teaching. Set a problem before a Kinsmen, apprise them of needs and objectives and relax thereafter. Not meeting the expectations of others or the standards of work are viewed as personal failure by them. One hallmark characteristic of the Kinsmen strength is their consensus approach to problem-solving. At set intervals they seek general consensus on results to date, gaining approval from all concerned before continuing. Of all and many abilities the one most ascribed to Kinsmen is their unflappable, enduring patience. Many judges, magistrates and religious leaders are of the Kinsmen style of strength."

Working Style: Visionary
* They are driven to do something significant in their lifetime.
* They aspire to being recognized/remembered for their achievements.

"Visionary is a born leader, as well as a card-carrying member of the workaholic club. Even among that select group, theirs is often the more serious affliction. These are the big-picture visionaries. The ones whose eyes are so firmly focused on the future that they hardly notice today's mud at their feet. "Brainstorming" and "think tanks" are typical workplace innovations of theirs and reflective of their intellectual curiosity and people-propensity. This is the strength of intuitive-intellect. A Visionary approach to all and to life is standout different. Leadership is their natural role. They delegate well and handle problems of project, personnel and process efficiently. They are known to be tough, meaning inflexible about poor job performance (their own and others'). When it comes to taking chances, Visionary leads the world; but then, they do have that ace up their sleeve: intuition. Others may consider them extraordinarily bold risk-takers. Their own opinion differs. When emotion gives the nod, Visionary sees it as considerably riskier to ignore their own truth in favour of logic, and much less rewarding.

Emoting Style: Philosopher
* Individual first and gender second is their order of priority and importance in choosing a mate.
* Dishonesty or deception are not practiced nor tolerated by them.

"If asked, they readily offer the shirt off their back. That act in and of itself is not unusual. What differentiates the Philosopher strength from others is that in their giving it is understood they give but once and will neither button nor straighten collars afterwards. They walk with hand extended and arms open to help. Rather than giving, lifting and carrying, what Philosopher does is boost confidence. They expect others to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and get back in the race under their own steam and initiative. An aura of confidence surrounds them and draws others like iron filings to a magnet. A more inspirational and powerful being than Philosopher has yet to be born. They tend to be non-judgemental about sexual preferences and proclivities, and contemptuous of dictated propriety. What matters is the depth of fulfillment through emotional sharing, where innermost truth is offered and shared at soul-level with others. Finding a compatible mate is the single greatest challenge for Philosopher."

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