Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Stephen Colbert Has the BALLS to Beat Chuck Norris

Today's totals:
Colbert 438,049
Norris 360,772

Check it out.


  1. Has anyone else noticed that the Colbert vote total has been stuck at 438,049 for days now? Is the site frozen, or is it just his totals that are unchanged? I've followed suggestions to remove cookies, etc., but even my first vote didn't change the bottom line. How do you stuff a ballot box that's been stolen?

  2. Yeah, I noticed that too because I logged in from a different IP and had to vote again to get to the results. (I wasn't TRYING to stuff the ballot box. Really!) I figure that maybe both Stephen and Chuck got locked so that votes don't register anymore. Either that or the update will be in batch. Here's hoping for a Stephen Colbert bridge!