Thursday, August 24, 2006

Career Suicide?

I assume that you've been up on the news enough to see that Paramount ditched Tom Cruise and then the head of Viacom pretty much called Cruise a looney. (There are conflicting reports and that's not a direct quote, but that's the gist.)

So I found it interesting today that the story got a new twist. Cruise's talent agency, CAA, is considering boycotting Paramount.

Based on reading the article I assume that they expect my reaction to be, "Dang, they're right. Paramount is evil and CAA should avenge Tom Cruise!"

Uh, no.

My reaction was immediately, "Lord, it's a whole passel of nutso Scientologists. I hope their boycott bankrupts them."

Somehow I don't think that was what they were after. I went from thinking that Cruise and a few other celebrities were off their rockers to thinking that a whole organization is probably nuttier than a case of Planter's.

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