Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Blogroll, Please...

I haven't introduced the additions to my blogroll in awhile, but I've recently rearranged my sidebar and I know that this entry will be far enough down you might not notice - and it is definitely worth noticing. Without further ado, please welcome to the blogosphere, The Bean Mines featuring the adventures of Subspace, a barista from a Seattle coffeehouse that is NOT Starbucks. Her own company she lovingly refers to as The Underverse. If you've ever been a barista, had a latte, hung out in a coffeehouse, or are just curious about the life of coffee, Subspace can entertain. I have filed her in my new bloglist "You've Been Served" along with the now-famous Waiter Rant. I'm sure one day The Bean Mines will be selling t-shirts, too.

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