Friday, March 10, 2006

Thank God It's Friday?

Ya'll have probably noticed that my typical meager posting is down to nearly zilch. My apologies if you happen to come by looking for something interesting to read. My work mantra of "if I can only make it to the end of February" has now become "if I can only make it to the end of March." Today was supposed to be my first day off in two weeks, but no dice. At least I got to work from home. But it was still work.

I WILL be taking tomorrow off, gosh darnit. And we'll be playing D&D. Maybe Stephen Colbert will stop by. :) I have to say that if my cosmic reward for all this work is to play D&D with Stephen, it was a small price to pay.

Meanwhile, I thought I could at least drop a little Friday random music on you. Playlist: All Dat Good Stuff. I'm trying the structure of Artist (Album) Song. Tell me how you like it...
  1. Nickle Creek (Nickle Creek) When You Come Back Down
  2. Barenaked Ladies (Stunt) It's All Been Done
  3. Peter Gabriel (So) In Your Eyes
  4. Mr. Mister (Billboard Top Hits: 1986) Kyrie
  5. ELO (The Essential Electric Light Orchestra) Shine a Little Love
  6. Gloria Estefan (Greatest Hits) Here We Are
  7. Shania Twain (Up!) I'm Not in the Mood (To Say No)
  8. Cheap Trick (Greatest Hits) The Flame
  9. Dixie Chicks (Wide Open Spaces) Let 'Er Rip
  10. Loreena McKinnitt (Journeys) Dante's Prayer
Yes, I like ELO, ok? Shut up.

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