Wednesday, December 14, 2005

So This is Christmas...

When my husband and I stopped at the grocery store tonight he observed, "I don't think I remember a Christmas that felt less like Christmas."

I said, "Oh Lord, don't tell me you're going to get on the 'There's a War on Christmas' bandwagon."

"No, seriously, there is," he said. I was only willing to hang in there with him because I know he's not a wingnut. "There is a war on Christmas, but it's not the one that the Christians are whining about. It's the fact that none of us have time anymore. It's the fact that they push Christmas decorations and products out so early that by the time Christmas gets close you're over it."

I think that he has a point. What do you think? Are you so pressed for time and over-Christmassed that it doesn't seem like Christmas anymore? And if you celebrate a different holiday, have you seen the same impact?

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